Our team offers a wide range of services for delivering a full loyalty program or specific aspects of your loyalty program.  

We can run your loyalty business or loyalty projects for you, enabling you to focus on your core business activities while still benefiting from the advantages of a robust loyalty program run by professionals with unrivalled hands-on experience in loyalty.

Outsource Projects

Based on a specific scope of work, appropriate resources are brought in to complete a project in close partnership with you to ensure successful delivery of a project.



  • Company structure
  • Strategic business planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Build and lead resources
  • Support operational delivery
  • Program management
  • Stakeholder communications and management



  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign execution using client tools e.g. Salesforce
  • Content Creation



Data Analytics

  • Loyalty program optimization
  • Customer segmentation and Predictive modeling 
  • Campaign measurement and optimization
  • ROI analysis
  • Reporting and dashboards

Loyalty Operations

  • Contact center services
  • Process development/ improvement
  • Social monitoring and servicing 
  • Back-office processes


Loyalty Technology

  • Building/ reviewing business requirements
  • Loyalty technology stack design
  • Loyalty technology replacement
  • RFP process development and execution
  • Loyalty tech management

Loyalty Partnership

  • Partner planning and sales
  • Cobrand card selection and management
  • Negotiating and contracting new loyalty partnerships
  • Partner management
  • Partner admin

Build, Operate, Transfer

A team of experts takes ownership of the entire loyalty program and is responsible for its design, implementation, and management. The goal is to build a sustainable program that delivers results and drives growth, which can then be transferred to your internal team.

Take full advantage of a big pool of experienced resources in a low-cost environment to accelerate loyalty program evolution and new project implementation.