Urban Leopard Ventures was founded in Singapore on January 2020, as a boutique consultancy and strategic advisory to help airlines, retailers and other companies around the world create value from data through analytics and monetization built on the foundation of a loyalty program.​

​Urban Leopard Ventures has since expanded beyond strategic consulting into providing services in support of loyalty programs to accelerate and improve their efficiency to deliver business objectives, reducing risk and providing the right talent for proper execution.​​

We are a team of experts in loyalty management, who possess valuable practical knowledge and skills in developing, operating, and enhancing loyalty programs based on years of hands-on experience across various industries globally.

Our Founder

Nik specializes in designing, transforming and managing loyalty programs as digital and data business assets across various sectors. He has detailed understanding of the inner workings of loyalty programs and unrivalled hands-on experience on what it takes to monetize them most effectively.


  • Led the architectural design, creation and transformation of loyalty programs into a foundation for digital and data businesses​​​​
  • Built a lifestyle rewards programs several airlines including Low Cost Carriers (LCC) to create airline lifestyle reward programs​​​​
  • Led loyalty program redesign and revamp projects on partnerships, technology, customer value proposition, economics and tiering for airlines, retail coalitions, cobranded cards, insurance, and crop science ​
  • Built and led the first next-generation airline-led lifestyle loyalty program for Cebu Pacific, the biggest Low-Cost Carrier in the Philippines​​
  • Served as SVP AIMIA APAC leading the Asian business, delivering services to loyalty programs, developing and investments into loyalty programs​

Nik has developed his professional network by living and working in several countries such as the UK, Australia, Singapore, the USA, Vietnam, and the Philippines. He has worked extensively in the Asia Pacific region but has worked extensively with clients across Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Nik is passionate about customer loyalty and the transformation of traditional loyalty programs into lifestyle ecosystem programs as a foundation for digital and data-driven businesses. 

Our affiliation

Urban Leopard is part of the On Point Loyalty network, a global consulting and investment advisory firm focused primarily on the airline loyalty space.  An authority on loyalty financial modeling, business case and valuations combined with underlying value proposition design.

Team experience